Announcement of new ownership: Scrub Daddy, inc. Acquires Rosmarin zrt

Scrub Daddy, Inc., is delighted to announce the successful acquisition of 100% of the shares of Rosmarin ZRT. The acquisition was finalized on Friday, March 31st, 2023, marking a significant milestone in both companies’ growth and expansion strategies.

Rosmarin ZRT has been a well-established player in the cleaning products industry, with a strong presence in Europe. And more than 27 countries worldwide where their environmentally friendly cleaning products are widely embraced by consumers.

This strategic acquisition represents an exciting opportunity for Scrub Daddy, Inc. to extend its portfolio of revolutionary cleaning solutions into the European market and leverage Rosmarin’s existing customer base. By combining forces, the partnership will enable both companies to enhance the availability of white label and Scrub Daddy branded products across the globe, fulfilling the growing demand for sustainable and effective cleaning solutions.

With the completion of this acquisition, all operations of Rosmarin ZRT will continue without disruption. Customers, suppliers, and partners can expect business operations to proceed as usual. The acquisition will serve as a catalyst for growth, adding capacity and resources that will ensure Rosmarin’s environmentally friendly cleaning products are more readily accessible to people worldwide.

About Rosmarin ZRT: Rosmarin ZRT is a prominent player in the cleaning products industry, renowned for its eco-friendly and high-quality cleaning solutions. With a strong presence in Europe and over 27 countries globally, Rosmarin ZRT has established a reputation for delivering reliable and sustainable cleaning products to consumers worldwide.

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